As per NMC guideline, there are certain cases when NMC(Nursing and Midwifery Council) can provide you a nursing registration in UK without IELTS or OET.

To qualify for same, you must have experience or studied in majority English speaking country as listed by NMC, such as : Antigua and Barbuda ; Anguilla ; Australia ; The Bahamas ; Barbados ; Belize ; Bermuda ; British Indian Ocean Territory ; Canada ; Cayman Islands ; Dominica ; Falkland Islands ; Gibraltar ; Grenada ; Guernsey ; Guyana ; Ireland ; Isle of Man ; Jamaica ; Jersey ; Malta ; New Zealand ; Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha ; St Kitts and Nevis ; St Lucia ; St Vincent and the Grenadines ; Trinidad and Tobago ; United Kingdom ; United States of America ; US Virgin Islands

If you have experience or studied in above listed countries, looking for a UK nursing job opportunity, contact us. For more details, please fill up below form or email to uk@rajabmanpower.com


How can Rajab Manpower assist you in migrating to UK as a nurse in above scenario ?

As an International staffing and placement firm, specialized in recruitment of nurses to UK, we work with multiple and numerous UK based organisations to provide nurses towards Govt employers such NHS Trusts Hospitals & HSC Trusts Hospitals ; and Private employers such as Care homes & Private Hospitals. In simple context, we can outline the process in 3 steps

Apply with us

Let our recruitment desk evaluate your profile and suggest the plans for UK migration.

NMC UK registration and Interviews

Let our team handle your NMC (nursing and midwifery council UK) registration process which is mandatory work in UK as a nurse & in parallely arrange interviews for you. NMC process and job hunting process would go hand in hand.

NMC completion ; Relocation

Once you have been successfully interviewed by our UK clients; NMC process completed; start date set by UK employer; we shall work along with you for the relocation process including the visa processing & mobilization to UK

Even though the process seems too easy in above lines, in real it involves enough documentation, applications, compliance etc which shall be closely supervised by our expert team at very fine stages.

Looking for UK migration ? Do not delay - email to us or fill up below form to get in touch with us.