Lets explore the various scope on elevating the career dreams of nurses looking for perming jobs in United Kingdom, through Rajab Manpower - an international nursing recruitment firm

About us

Rajab Manpower is an Indian Government approved overseas recruitment company, duly registered under Ministry of External Affairs, Reg No: RA8904, exercising overseas placement and relocation activities towards GCC and Europe. We are working close with multiple employers in UK to place ambitious nurses. We offer a free, trusted service that helps nurses to fulfill their dream of working in the UK. With global partnerships and expertise consultants, we can help you find a permanent job in the UK with various clients

Why United Kingdom

The UK has one of the most progressive healthcare systems in the world. Whether you work for the NHS, HSC or Private Hospital group, you can be sure that you are joining a workforce who not only provides first-class care, but makes history each and every day along with career development opportunities. When you're not at work, the UK has a huge variety of activities and recreational opportunities on offer. Click here to access the complete guide to destinations, accommodation, transport and things to do.

Benefits of nursing in the UK

  • An impressive salary

  • Relocation packages with annual leave

  • Training and development opportunities

  • Safe and friendly environment

  • Guaranteed long term contract

  • Manageable work hours

  • Paid holidays

  • Paid training

  • Initial accommodation

  • Visa cost covered

  • Free flights to UK

  • Pension scheme

  • Induction programs

  • Free recruitment - no charges collected by Rajab Manpower


General requirements for UK Nursing jobs

On a general prospective, we are looking to consider applicants with following criteria:

  • Qualified with Nursing Degree or Nursing Diploma (Bsc or GNM)

  • Meet the English language requirements for UK NMC registration, i,e IELTS (6.5 in W and others 7) or OET (C+ in W and others B). Read more about language requirements on NMC site: English language requirements

  • Currently we are having employers who are accepting nurses with Gap / freshers etc

If you have not met with IELTS or OET - we provide subsidized training through our training partners, if interested fill this form:

IELTS / OET / CBT training request form - RMC

Who would be my employer ?

Based on your selection and recruitment - on a high note, you would be working under the Government employers such as NHS TRUST in England or HSC TRUST in Northern Ireland, under their direct payroll .

We also have few clients from the Private Hospital groups / private employers

Processing time

On a general scenario it would be somewhere between 16 weeks to 24 weeks, based on individual applicant's case but can be with shorter or longer time to this.

Can my family join me ?

Yes you can take your dependents including spouse and children. To clarify and we recommend, during initial joining it would be yourself who would be moving to UK, and once you are settled you can take along your dependents

What would be the agency fees / recruitment charges ?

We doesn't charge any amount for recruitment, placement, processing or paperwork. Entire recruitment services is free of cost

Why shall I opt Rajab Manpower for UK nursing job search ?

We are registered recruitment agency operating under the guidelines of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. In order to extend any level of compliance support, Government has insisted job aspirants to get employed through registered recruitment agencies only.

We are expertise in relocation processing documentation with rapid cooridination with Consulates and Embassies, which made us successfully deploy Indian candidates to United Kingdom, Ireland, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman till date.

We are handling nursing recruitment to multiple employers across the globe. Currently our medical background clients are from Middle East and Europe.

We have our strong partners in UK, which helps the ground level processing and supports are gained at optimum without any lack of resources. This could benefit nurses in easier adaptation to new employer.

We choose our employers which have great rate of OSCE, good HR policies and render outstanding support to overseas nurses from India, in order to make your job comfortable.

We assist you in securing IELTS or OET scores, interview preparation, job search, NMC registration, compliance process and successful relocation, so as to be with you throughout the processing cycle and after deployment supports.

Will I receive free medical care in UK?

You will be entitled to free medical care from the NHS, including access to a GP (doctor), emergency and non-emergency hospital treatment, and other services (e.g. visiting a clinic). However, you may need to pay for some services, like vaccinations, dental and optical treatment, and prescription medicines.

Find out more here.

Do I need to pay income tax in UK ?

Income tax and National Insurance will be automatically taken from your monthly salary,. To work out how much tax will be taken from your salary, you can use an online tax calculator. As soon as you arrive in the UK, you must apply for a National Insurance number. This can only be done whilst living in the UK. Find out more.

Will I be entitled for a pension?

All NHS employees are automatically enrolled in the NHS Pension Scheme. 7-9% of your salary will be contributed towards your pension every month and the Trust will make a monthly contribution equal to 14%. You can opt out of the pension scheme if you don't wish to be part of it.

How to register as a nurse in the UK?

To become a nurse in the UK, you will need to register with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council). This applies to all nurses, including General Nurses, Mental Health Nurses and Midwives. We can assist you with NMC procedures and job applications to UK

How is the recruitment process like?

Any international nurses looking to begin a nursing career in UK would flow through below elements:

  • Meet the language qualification (IELTS or OET or Experience in English speaking country) as per NMC norms and begin NMC procedures

  • Skype interview with an NHS hospital & Receive an offer letter from the hospital following a successful interview

  • Complete your initial registration process with the NMC

  • Receive your Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) from employer and apply for your tier 2 visa

  • Have a flight booked for travel to the UK

  • Arrive in the UK and begin working in the NHS as a Band 4 nurse

  • Take the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination)

  • Upon completing OSCE, you are fully pinned band 5 nurse in UK

Can i know more on salary band and why are there different numbers?

The NHS uses pay scales called 'Bands'. Each Band represents a level of experience and the salary for every Band will differ. Find out more about Bands here. Every year, the NHS pay scales are reviewed. The scales are uniform for every NHS organisation throughout the UK.

When you first come to the UK, you will be a Band 4 nurse with a salary. Your role will be based on full-time hours of 37.5 hours per week.

After successfully completing OSCE and receiving your NMC pin, your Band will increase to Band 5, with a salary £24907 per year.

NHS Trust jobs in England, UK(Govt employer)

HSC Trust jobs in Northern Ireland, UK (Govt employer)

Private Employer jobs in England, UK


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