Nurses from Malta, YOUR path to UK PERM JOBS

  • Are you a nurse registered in Malta or Qualified from Malta ?

  • Do you have at least 9 month nursing experience in Malta ? AND

Are you looking to live and work in UNITED KINGDOM, if yes,, then this page is for you.

We RAJAB MANPOWER, an international nursing recruitment specialist for nursing professionals is actively looking to recruit nurses from Malta towards the ongoing opportunities in Government hospitals in United Kingdom.


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How is the recruitment process from Malta to UK be like ?

If you have the desired experience and qualification listed above, do contact us by clicking the form.

Our recruitment advisor shall connect with you on mailbox initially to set up a briefing session, review the eligibility and to guide on the entire set of actions.

NMC UK registration guidelines are shared or even handled by our expertise team & at same time, we shall start submitting your profile with prospective employers for interviews.

Once the interviews(online) are success, and in parallel the NMC procedures are completed with, we will plan around for relocation process.

With us, your NMC UK registration + interviews / job search process would be going on simultaneously there by saving time and efforts

Have a look on our recent video presentation of UK processing: Watch video

Do I need to pay any fees or charges to Rajab Manpower ?

Our recruitment services are NOT chargeable to nurses. We doesn't collect any sort of amount from prospective applicants bound to UK

Who would be my employer ? Is it Direct or third party payroll ?

All nurses recruited by us are placed to Public sector / Government employers in UK such as NHS Trust Hospitals and HSC Trust hospitals. The candidates would be under direct payroll of NHS or HSC

Why UK & Why Rajab Manpower ?

UK have some great benefits to enjoy with, counting a few:

  • Perm nursing role, after 5 yrs of service apply for PR

  • You are permitted to bring your family

  • Training and development opportunities

  • Scholarships for certificate courses*

  • Relocation package available

  • Starting Salary (2021-2022) of 24907 pound per annum, additional pay for Night shift, Sat Shift, Sunday shift and public holidays. Weekly duty of 37.5 hrs only

  • Pension scheme, and many more. Visit our home page for more details

Rajab Manpower have been instrumental in recruitment of nursing professionals, and has proven expertise in documentation, meeting the mandatory requirements of external institutions such as NMC, UK Home office, recruitment advisory, and also on smooth relocation of nurses.

What would be the major process to complete for successfully relocating to UK ?

Have a look on our recent video presentation of UK processing: Watch video

Still the major task include: Getting an employer suiting with your profile, meeting NMC registration needs, CBT, UKVI requirements etc

What would be the average time line to reach UK ?

This purely depends on multiple factors such as:

  • Your interview success

  • How fast the NMC registration process is accomplished

  • Start date allocations and availability of internationals flights.

Still on average, it can consume 3-6 months subject to individual case scenario

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